The Girl & Her Ren by Pepper Winters-A Five Star Review by Have You Heard? Book Blog


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5 Star Review


The Girl & Her Ren by Pepper Winters


I feel speechless, amazed, broken, and elated. How does one write a review on true perfection while still giving it the justice due? That’s right. I said, “Perfection.” The Girl & Her Ren by Pepper Winters is absolute, pure, unadulterated perfection. The story picks up right where it ended in book one, The Boy & His Ribbon. I truly did not think Pepper Winters could top the first book in the duo. I was wrong. To date, The Girl & Her Ren is the best love story I’ve ever read. Ever. Read the two together and you will be left shaking on the floor, trembling and boiling over with emotions most of us are rarely able to even put words to, yet Pepper Winters has an uncanny ability, a talent, of being able to go deeper inside her characters’ thoughts and feelings than the average human can do personally, and she does it with impunity.

Every single word.

Every single punctuation mark (because where a writer places a period or new paragraph can and does make a difference in how it affects the reader).

Every single emotion. Oh, and there are so many emotions. I felt it all in this story. Pepper Winters literally had me sobbing, yes sobbing, in several scenes that stole my breath.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Pepper Winters actually lived this story. How else can one write with such alacrity and adeptness unless she experienced all these things? For me, that’s the mark of a truly brilliant and magnificent writer, an artist. She made me believe every word.

Every single word.

This story is not always pretty, yet it’s the most beautiful love I’ve ever read. This story will make you cry buckets—sobbing, gut wrenching buckets of genuine tears. But, it will also make you laugh until your sides hurt. Chills will dance across your skin as your emotions have no where left to turn. You may even have to step away, right in the midst of the most intense scene you’ve ever read in your life, like I had to. My heart pounded furiously and my hands shook non-stop.

People often say they’re looking for that one book to top all others. If you’re that person, I hope you meant it. I hope you’re as ready as you think you are. Because this is it. This is that one book. That one love story. The Girl & Her Ribbon is going to shake you to your core and leave you on the floor wondering what just happened. Every other love story will seem lacking somehow, less shiny.

Prepare yourselves, readers. The Girl & Her Ribbon is the most astonishing love story of all time. And, the duo? I don’t even have the words to give The Ribbon Duet the proper level of justice it so deserves. All I can say is, it’s absolutely the most intense and perfect love story written to date! I simply cannot imagine Pepper Winters being able to top this book. Ever. In my mind, this duo will go down as her best work of all time.

Take a deep breath, grab the wine and tissues, and dive in to this magnificent, superb story of love. A perfect balance of real life and wishes coming true.

Tiffany Landers, Have You Heard?


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