ARC Review of Inferno: Part 3 by T.K. Leigh

Inferno: Part 3 (Inferno, # 3)Inferno: Part 3 by T.K. Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title of Book: Inferno, Part Three
Author Name: T.K. Leigh
Genre: Romance/Women’s Fiction
Rating: 5
Steam Rating: 4

Inferno: Part 3 picks up right where we were left in part two with our mouths open wide, gasping in shock at the magnificent cliffhanger left by T.K. Leigh. I happen to love a good cliffhanger, so if you’re one of those, you’ll really appreciate that each installment in this four-part series is being released within a month of the last. Because, while these books may be a bit smaller than the average story put out by Ms. Leigh, each one packs a ginormous punch. The reader will not be disappointed.

When Eleanor flips a coin in the previous installment to determine which direction ‘fate’ is telling her to go, we have no idea if she gets heads or tails until this installment of Inferno, part three. What a whirlwind ride Ms. Leigh sends her readers on with this emotional, realistic, and oh, so sexy continuation of the intense and passionate Inferno that is Dante and Eleanor. Whew! I need a fan! T.K. Leigh just raised the temperature in the room from cold to steamy in a matter of seconds. The steam level in this book is hot, hot! The one question I carried from about midway through this book until the end was: What about Brock? T.K. Leigh answers in a way I never expected, once again leaving me with my jaw on the floor, ready to be for part four long before its scheduled release.

Here are a few quotes I especially loved from Inferno, part three:

“This is better than an episode of Hawaii Five-O. We can call it Italy Six-Nine since it involves a sexy Italian.”

“Sometimes the best love you can find is between two imperfect, broken people who learn to navigate through life’s storms together. There are few things worth fighting for, but you can be damn sure love is one of them.”

“Sometimes, my darling friend, fate needs a little push.”

“Please, God…if you could just find it in your heart to help me tonight, I promise I’ll never take your name in vain or violate any of those other amendments or commandments…” I especially love this one so much!

Prepare for takeoff, reader, for T.K. Leigh is about to skyrocket you to outer space with this steamy, romantic suspense.

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