#Bookspotlight – The Beautifully Broken Series by Amanda Kaitlyn

The Erotic Works of L.M. Mountford

Amanda Kaitlyn
Title: The Beautifully Broken Series (Books 1-3)
Author:  Amanda Kaitlyn
Available: Amazon (Apple and others to come soon)
Price: 0.99

Three books. Three love stories. Two sexy, sweet talking Alphas. 

Are you ready to fall in love?

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A love worth having is a love worth fighting for. 

That was what the Morgan sisters were raised to believe. 

One sister was quiet, reserved and just waiting to be thrust out of her shell. 



Beautiful, inside and out. 

The other was the outspoken one. 


Filled with fire. 

Loving and protective. 

A handful. 

But together, they were the best of friends. 

Read the stories of how they fell in love. 

Finding Beautiful. 

Breaking Lucas. 

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