Have You Heard About My Review of Saint by A. Zavarelli?!

Omg!!! I freaking LOVE what the author did with this book! It’s my favorite in the series! A. Zavarelli reached in and dug deep with this one. She opened up a whole new level of excellence in writing and pushed the bar up extremely high. Just, Wow! I love how realistic Scarlett’s character is. Typically, women are not spotlighted as the “hard, horrific, or even demented” characters in a story and I wonder why. Do we not have real women in our real world who do horrendous things? Yes, we do. Look at Sybil’s mother or Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in the bathtub. Women are just as messed up as men. We’re just (typically) better at hiding it than men. 

A. Zavarelli, totally rocked my world with book four in the BU series!!! Ronan is my favorite male in your series and Scarlett is my favorite bad, tough lady in the series. 

Huge five stars for Saint!!! I can’t imagine A. Zavarelli’s work getting any better than Saint. The Boston Underworld Series is in my top three favorite series’ of all time and the fact that it’s already listed as a Best Seller with Amazon speaks volumes. 

The Boston Underworld Series by Author A. Zavarelli is one not easily put aside once picked up. It’s that kind of series that, once finished, the reader will scroll his or her eReader for a new read and will feel slightly dissatisfied with many books while continuing to search for another “diamond in the rough,” which is exactly what A. Zavarelli’s works of art are-diamonds. 

~Have You Heard? 

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