Amazing HUGE teaser from Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters!!!

Copyright / subject to edit
Cover Reveal in 1-2 weeks
Release Jan 2017
Erotic Romance
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I expected to find my dad nursing another glass of whiskey, staring broodingly into the amber liquid as he sometimes did when I acted out or he couldn’t shed the memory of mum.

That wasn’t the case tonight.

I slammed to a stop.

He’s laughing with a complete stranger.

My dad sat on a bar stool with his feet tucked on the chrome foot rest, a glass of whiskey (like I predicted) resting in his hands, but forgotten. His face was alive, eyes unguarded and crinkled in mirth. I hadn’t seen him so animated in years.

It warmed me and worried me in equal measure.

I looked at the man he was with. The guy had his back to…

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