My Review of Demand, Careless Whispers #2, by Lisa Renee Jones


Oh. My. Gosh. Lisa Renee Jones, you never fail to surprise me! One would think, after reading (devouring) so much of your work, that I would eventually begin to see a set pattern in your stories and be able to figure out where they’re going. Nope. Not happening to this lady! Lisa Renee Jones continues to weave a tale of intrigue, suspense, betrayal, romance with twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

After diving into Ella’s story, which I could not WAIT for after reading Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out Series, I had so many questions that were finally answered in Demand … but, wait! Now, my head is spinning again with new questions from the cliffhanger Lisa left us with in this splendid story!

How can you not fall in love with Ella? She was the mystery for the entire Inside Out series (you must, must read that, by the way!), but she went missing. Finally, we are finding out more and more about Ella. Or, are we? Are we really? I recently read another Inside Out series book, Behind Closed Doors, recently released by Lisa Renee Jones, and are you kidding me???!!! Lisa, how could you create all of these questions I now have about Ella???!!! OMG! Who in the world is Ella? Really?


Oh, I am soooo intrigued with everything about this series and I’m just madly in love with Kayden. No surprise there, since I’m madly in love with all of Lisa Renee Jones’ hot, sexy, alpha males **fanning myself**. My suggestion to everyone out there: READ THE INSIDE OUT SERIES (yes, all of it) by Lisa Renee Jones and then begin reading The Careless Whispers series. Lisa Renee Jones will take you on the ride of your life with a touch of everything a person can feel. Oh, and you will definitely feel all of your emotions pulled out, spun around, reshaped and put back inside of you – leaving you gasping for breath and asking yourself, “What just happened to me?” Yes. I promise.

Don’t skip reading this series and Lisa’s other books. I’ve never read an even mediocre story from Lisa Renee Jones. All of them are brilliant!!

Find everything you want to know about Lisa Renee Jones and her magnificent stories on her web page:

~Have You Heard? Book Blog


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