Traitors Fate by Andy Peloquin-Review by Have You Heard? Blog

Title of Book: Traitors Fate (Queen of Thieves, Book Four)

Author Name: Andy Peloquin

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: 5

Steam Rating: 1


If you haven’t yet indulged in reading the first three books in the Queen of Thieves series by Andy Peloquin, I strongly encourage you to do so in order to fully grasp and appreciate the characters and their stories in Traitor’s Fate.


Once again, Mr. Peloquin delivers with a perfect KO in this riveting and passionate tale of intrigue, suspense, and even heartbreak. Do not be discouraged though—this story is also packed with wit, loyalty, teamwork, and hope—as is customary for this impeccable writer.


Ilanna and the Hunter are characters I’ve come to absolutely love from two of Mr. Peloquin’s series’, and I was not a bit disappointed to watch these two perfectly developed characters come together to take down the most sinister of plots.


Your mouth will hit the floor more than once.

You will experience an onslaught of emotional chills.

You will shed a tear or more.

You will laugh.

And you will fall in love all over again with the delightful characters we’ve all come to know and love very deeply.


Epic fantasy at its very best. Read, read, read this series and all others published by Andy Peloquin. He is a brilliant master with words.

Traitors Fate on Amazon

Traitors Fate on Goodreads

Traitors Fate on BookBub

~Have You Heard?

Tiffany Landers-Editor

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