Have You Heard? My Review of The Last Bucelarii: Gateway to the Past by Andy Peloquin


The Last Bucelarii: Gateway to the Past by Andy Peloquin

I really didn’t think Andy Peloquin could possibly wow me anymore than he already has. I was wrong. In Gateway to the Past, book three in The Last Bucelarii series, the story only continues to expand, the characters grow exponentially, and the plot thickens.

Andy Peloquin created a world in books one and two in which the Hunter, an assassin, continues to fight his naturally inherited instincts to kill and finds himself fighting to help those he’s been hired to kill. He struggles with his conscience, his morals, and the bloodthirsty demon’s voice who constantly encourages the Hunter to seek more blood. His blade, Soulhunger, is also an entity in itself that collects ‘souls’ of those it kills. Will the Hunter learn to overcome the strong, compelling voices of the demon and his blade? How is it this ruthless assassin even desires to fight against the voices urging him on?

Einan is full of places and people who all plot to kill, harm, or, in their strange ways, even help the Hunter. It is fantasy and legend and intrigue all wrapped up into one powerful and impactful story that had me turning pages quicker than I wanted to. I just could not put it down, which is a typical discovery of mine when reading any and all of Andy Peloquin’s masterpieces.

A definite five star read, and a continuation of the Hunter’s great journeys through Einan.

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