Have You Heard? My review of Cheating Death by April White.

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April White!! How do you do that? I have been extremely obsessed with your work since reading book one in this phenomenal series, Marking Time. All too often, when an author publishes several books in a series, each book tends to be a little like the one before it, which leads to not really wanting to continue the series. Not so with your Immortal Descendants series!! All five books in this series have completely blown me away. From the first, there is action, intrigue, adventure, mystery, time travel, paranormal happenings and a bit of romance. Every single page is awesome and how many years did you research this stuff??? Wow! The historical events, places, times, and even people are so real and woven so perfectly into your books that I found myself wondering if these things in your book actually happened.

I am so sad to see this series come to an end in Cheating Death. I mean, all good things must end, right, but I’m still sad. I will miss Saira, Ringo (Ringo needs his own story!!!), Archer and all the many different characters you wrote in this piece of art. The author did a fabulous job in wrapping up this very involved series in a way that didn’t leave holes or gaps. This is a series that will never leave me and I will miss the characters very much!

Writing Style: 5 Stars
Uniqueness: 5 Stars
Editing: 5 Stars
Character Development: 5 Stars
Plot Development: 5 Stars
Research/Facts/History: 5 Stars

The author has left me speechless with this entire, very intricate, series. I’m mind blown. This is definitely my very favorite YA fantasy/paranormal series.

Have You Heard?
Tiffany Landers

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