About Jettie

Some of you once followed a writer who was dubbed, “Queen of the Dark,” because she is amazing. The work she wrote for you, her fans, was intense, dark, erotic, and passionate, sometimes bringing us readers to the edge of our seats wondering if a character could possibly be redeemed.

She became a bestselling author with her work, but something happened to her. A hunger, a deep, intrinsic desire to become more, to go deeper, with eyes wide open, overcame her. She stopped wanting to write erotica and dark romance (still very popular today, and that’s okay, too). She no longer had the ability to write such things as her heart simply was no longer in it. Don’t get me wrong—I was one of her biggest fans, soaking up her work like dry skin does lotion. I am not standing in judgement of anyone, nor anything one chooses to read. We all walk our paths for many reasons.

So, she began walking this new path, writing of things her huge fan base had no interest in, and she lost her loyal following. Still, she continues to write, knowing those who are meant to read her new work will.

She sometimes struggles with this still because she’s not making the bestseller list yet with her new work, and the title doesn’t matter one bit to her any longer. However, her income dwindled quickly as her books stopped selling like they did when she was the “Queen of Dark.” How would she support herself? Venture out these new journeys she so longed to embark on?

As the private messages slowly trickle in, giving her a sense of peace and joy at the changes in the lives of those who read her work, she still struggles with wondering what her next paycheck will be, if it will be enough to even cover the cost of the beautiful covers for her new books.

Still, as her biggest fan and friend, I continue to encourage her, reminding her this is not about money. All one has to do is see the many, many lives changing as a result of her hard work. So, on she writes, still sometimes unsure of the future.

Until she receives private messages such as the one below from a single mother who has reached the end of her rope, having no answers for how to best approach her troubled teen. Please, take a moment to read what this mother wrote to this author about one of her books. And no matter what you believe or think it may be, don’t judge a book by its cover. If you’re struggling to be a better you, your teenager is out of control, you are out of control, give it a try. This is not about promotions. I’m writing this because what this author is now writing is changing others’ lives on a daily basis, and yours can change too.

I wish when my children were teenagers, I’d have done the same thing this mother did with this book.

Private message from an unnamed mother to Jettie Woodruff regarding her book, “Our Tribe: Thirty Day Dare.”

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me messaging you. I wanted to tell you that you have a gift and should never stop doing what you’re doing. I’m talking about your dare book and what a life saver it has been for me. I’m not a reader so I didn’t really know who you were until my sixteen year old daughter decided to make some very unhealthy decisions. Sending naked photo’s of herself online, creating secret accounts to talk to boys, taking off after I was in bed, skipping school, and to get her to do anything to help around the house was impossible. I felt helpless because taking privileges away from her only pissed her off and it always turned into a fight I wasn’t winning. I won’t bore you with all the chaotic drama in my house because I could write my own book lol. The last time my daughter got into trouble she decided it was okay to attend a drinking party and I had to go pick her up. My sister inlaw came over the following morning with this book. She already did it with her Kindle, but wanted to start it again with the paperback, but decided I needed it more. I knew there was something different about her and she kept telling me it was this book. She talked me into not taking my daughters phone, her car, or grounding her period. Her punishment was to take this thirty day dare and that’s it. The first few days were torture because of course she thought it was so stupid, but she chose to keep going, showing me her progress every night to keep her phone and her car. Per her request, I stopped checking her progress after the first couple weeks because she wanted her privacy in what she was writing. I gave it to her because I could already see the difference in her attitude. I didn’t expect her to change this drastically. I’m blown away. She even crawled in bed with me last night and watched a whole movie. We haven’t done that in years. She’s got a new friend who I absolutely love. She used to ask for eyeliner and nail polish when we were at the store, now she wants stock paper and stickers for her vision board and her journal. Which is amazing. We just spent the whole afternoon bouncing around thrift stores last Saturday so she could design her own clothes. She’s really good at it and she doesn’t want name brand anymore at all. You have no idea how much that helps as a single mom. She got an old sewing machine from the yard sale pages and she’s even sold a few things she’s designed. Her confidence has gone through the roof and it shows. She’s always happy and smiling now and I’m so grateful to you. I didn’t think I would survive these years. This book should be a high school requirement. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank You. Thank you!”

And this is only one of many messages Jettie has received regarding the changes this book has made in a persons life.

Here is the link to the wonderful, life-changing book by Jettie Woodruff:

Our Tribe: Thirty Day Dare by Jettie Woodruff (available in paperback and for Kindle)

If you’re interested in joining a group of women who have a desire to grow and be #unapologeticallyme, here is the link: Join us on this journey on Facebook

I would like to reiterate: this is not a marketing ploy. I am not trying to sell books. I’m trying to show you just how much this book can, if you want it to, help you change you for the better. And, don’t we all long to be a little better today than we were yesterday?

Thank you for reading.

Tiffany Landers, Editor



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