My Review of Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice

Have You Heard?

Revised Review

I struggled all night and all day today about this review I wrote last night. As a blogger, editor, PA, reader, MOM .. you get it .. I try to be a little cautious in the way I write my reviews, which causes me to hold back pertinent information from you, who is reading this review. So, I am going all out because I did not give this story the credit it deserved and if you’re offended, my apologies, but we are supposed to write honest reviews, right? Right.

My jaw is still open!!! This book, Deadly Dominance, took me to a new level of “I need something different to read!” I sometimes scan and scan my Kindle looking for that one story that is different than all the rest. I am lucky every once in a while. I struck gold with this one.

There has…

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