My Review of Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice

Revised Review

I struggled all night and all day today about this review I wrote last night. As a blogger, editor, PA, reader, MOM .. you get it .. I try to be a little cautious in the way I write my reviews, which causes me to hold back pertinent information from you, who is reading this review. So, I am going all out because I did not give this story the credit it deserved and if you’re offended, my apologies, but we are supposed to write honest reviews, right? Right.

My jaw is still open!!! This book, Deadly Dominance, took me to a new level of “I need something different to read!” I sometimes scan and scan my Kindle looking for that one story that is different than all the rest. I am lucky every once in a while. I struck gold with this one.

There has been some controversy over this story. I get it. I’m not usually a horror reader, either, unless it’s Patricia Arnette/P Mattern (well, who doesn’t love her work?). I picked up Deadly Dominance with a little trepidation and a lot of curiosity because of the different ways other readers have perceived it. I am one who needs to form my own opinion, so this is what Deadly Dominance did to me.

In an erotic, horrific way, this book caused my panties to drop, just as quickly as my jaw did. Yep! I’m not lying. There’s only one other author who has done that to me and she is the wonderful Jennifer Sage. Yes … Nathan is a twisted man, but he’s calm, collected, witty and downright interesting.

As I read this book, I couldn’t f***ing BELIEVE my body’s response to such an intense, gory, erotic, horror novel!! What. Did. I. Just. Read? Wow! The authors threw me into a tailspin, wondering to myself, “What does it say about me that I was actually sexually excited when reading this story?”  Yes. I wondered that and still wonder that even now. How could a story like this do that to me???

I don’t know if any of you have ever read Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, but I have and it is fantabulous!! Which is exactly what this story did for me – it made me remember that awesome several books (huge books) series by Terry Goodkind and I can only equate the authors writing to that standard of excellence. Is it for everyone? No.  Was it for me? Hell, yes! I didn’t want to write this review. I didn’t want to come out and admit how much this story affected me, but the more I thought about it, the more wrong I felt inside about not giving the authors the proper credit for this crazy, wonderful story … and I can’t WAIT for book two.

So, give it a try. If you like a dark novel, this is probably, definitely, for you. I give high kudos to the writers who had the courage to come out and write such a story! You can just keep my panties I lost in this book because I don’t imagine I’m going to be needing them when I read book two, Deadly Demons, releasing on Halloween 2016.

First Review

I really connected with a few of the quotes written in this story:

“We talked for hours about the first time we met and the possibilities of living the white picket fence perfect life.” 

Yeah. I get that. I spent my life trying to live the socially approved lifestyle, but I’m finally free of that stifling pettiness and I’m happy to be me, which is the very reason I decided to revise this review and to write what I truly felt, rather than what is socially acceptable. ❤

“When you read words someone else has written, you can’t help but instantly connect to that person. You know through the darkness in their words that they’re just as fucked up as you.”

Oddly, there were some things I could relate to in this story and I felt very connected to the author’s words. When a writer can cause me to stop and think, “They’ve lived this life before; these words are true,” that’s when I know I’ve found a diamond in the rough in the writing artist. I feel I’ve found exactly that with the authors in this story and I encourage you to read it … if you’re not afraid of the dark, the gore, and the details of brutal and fascinating sex or death scenes … go for it! This book was a fantastic read and I recommend it.

Deadly Dominance Review by Have You Heard? Book Blog



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