My Review of Ghost by A. Zavarelli


First off, I’d like to say this story (and the other two books in The Boston Underworld Series) can be read as a standalone, but it’s MUCH better if you read from the beginning.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to A. Zavarelli and her work, but being a blogger, my list of TBRs and ARCs is astronomical. So, these books went unread by me until it was a required read in a group I’m part of. So, I started with Crow, then Reaper, and now Ghost. When an author can cause me to feel as though he or she is writing stories from their actual lives, and he or she can cause me to feel as though I’m inside the book and actually feel every single thing each character is feeling, I consider that ART .. A True Masterpiece .. And A. Zavarelli only set the bar even higher with my favorite book in the Boston Underworld series, Ghost.

The author wove a tale of betrayal, trauma, heartbreak, love, second chances, and the dialogue is incredible in this entire series. It was so difficult for me to think she could get any better after I read Crow. But, I read Reaper next and was completely blown away and shocked by how well Ms. Zavarelli was able to bring her characters from books one and two together so very smoothly. I truly felt it couldn’t possibly get any better after Crow and Reaper … ahh, but then she wrote Ghost. And, she just ripped right through me with intensity and just WOW!!! …. How in the hell did you manage to make book three even better than books one and two, Ms. Zavarelli?? I am now completely hooked on this author’s work. I don’t care what she writes, I’m buying it and reading it.

Alexei and Talia share similar personalities and backgrounds. They’re thrown together in a rescue situation (I don’t do spoilers, so I’ll keep this part short) and neither of them are able to trust another … at all. Oh, but watch this author wrap you around her little fingers as she pulls you along in a riveting tale of true love and a wonderful HEA.

I highly recommend this book and this entire series to everyone. I never thought I’d be interested in reading any mafia romances, but Ashleigh Zavarelli has proven me so wrong. I may not be able to read another author’s mafia romances now since Ashleigh Zavarelli set the bar so high – how can it get any better than this? I’m not so sure it can.

Kudos to you, Author A. Zavarelli. Your work is truly a masterpiece of words. I am highly impressed.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I also purchased it because I believe that’s the proper thing to do and because it’s so damn good! I am not affiliated with this author in any way with the exception of being a huge fan of her work. I couldn’t put it down. Give this author a try … you won’t be sorry.

Ghost, Book Three in The Boston Underworld Series by Author A. Zavarelli

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