Think you are ready to be a PA? Think again!

And then some…. I love being a PA, but it is not for the part-timer, nor the faint of heart. One must have the passion and the skills needed to be a successful PA; however, it isn’t just the PA and Author, it’s also the street team behind them, the blogs sharing the authors work, the graphic artist creating fascinating images. There’s so much teamwork involved, but I agree, being a PA isn’t for everyone. It’s a commitment involving your heart, time and loyalty.

Tiffany Landers PA
Have You Heard?

Author Kyle Perkins

By Virginia Johnson and Julia Clare

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about the things I have learned being a PA. I have, on many occasions, needed to use the link to address questions rendered from readers that want to be a PA or current PA’s that reach out for support.  Does this sound like you? “I pimp books in my free time. I read all of this author’s work, leave reviews and we are friends. If I tag them, they comment, I can even message them and they respond. I want to be a PA, I mean I already do everything a PA does, just no title.” You think so? Before you think you are a PA let us educate you on the real jobs we do.

The thing that gets me all sorts of pissed off, is people that bitch about not being ‘chosen’ as…

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