My Review of Crow by Ashleigh Zavarelli

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Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve been sort of following this author for a while now simply because I like her and she always brings a laugh and great energy to any party I host. I’ve had a few of her books sitting on my Kindle for some time now but just have not had time to read them. Watch me get to them fast now!

Crow by A. Zavarelli is my very first Mafia Romance. I’ve never really had a big interest in this genre, but I had to read these due to a group I’m in. Well, am I ever glad I did. This book (and the 2nd book in the series) knocked my socks off and I could NOT put it down!!! It was romantic. It was intense. It was pure passion and alpha male wrapped up into  a very humorous but deadly romance I will not soon forget. Guess who made it to my ‘automatic one-click no matter what’ list? You guessed it if you said Ashleigh Zavarelli.

Mack was an orphan who lost her parents at a young age. Her personality is just … out of this world! She is funny, pushy, brave, ornery and very determined. When her best friend, Talia, goes missing from the club she worked for in the Irish Mafia faction, Mack goes on a hunt to find out who took her and where they took her. Where in the hell is Talia? She is worried sick, so she gets a job at Slainte, the same club Talia went missing from, to begin her investigation….

…Where she meets Lachlan, or Crow, if you will. Lachlan is a total and perfectly scripted alpha male who doesn’t trust Mack the second he lays eyes on her; however, she pushes him into letting her dance at the club. He DOES give her restrictions the other “girls” don’t get because there’s just something about Mack he can’t help but desire for his own, even though he doesn’t like her or trust her. But, watch him go all Alpha Male on Mack, who is not a woman to be easily mastered.

Crow was written in first person pov and the tone is intense, suspenseful, mysterious, romantic, sexy and violent. Yes, if you don’t like violence, you may want to skip a few parts of this book, but it’s not a violence like you would find in a true crime book. This is the type of violence that caused me to be very relieved and happy it was actually happening because it was only to oust the bad guys.

I will say this a book that contained mature themes and subject matter that requires a disclaimer for the book for sensitive readers and/or 18+ only readers.

I have to give strong kudos to the author for her punctuation. There were a few errors, but one thing she did that not many authors even know about yet, is to follow the new rules of the CMoS (Chicago Manuscript of Style) and did not use commas with the word “too”. I know it looks unusual if you don’t know this is the new rule, but to an OCD editor like myself, seeing those commas missing was music to my soul. Truly. Way to go, Ashleigh, on the excellent grammar and punctuation you used. I did not find one spelling error and that’s an awesome thing to find in this Indie World, which seems to be getting more competitive than ever.

The dialogue throughout the entire book was just wonderful, amusing, heart wrenching and intense. I was very pleased to read so much dialogue in Crow as some books just don’t have nearly enough. I was literally on the edge of my seat through the entire story.

The sexual content of this book is rated by me as, “OMG! Explicit and steamy and hot enough to get your panties wet and have sex, with or without another person. LOL.”

Crow is a stand-alone story, but you simply CANNOT miss out on reading the second book in the series, Reaper, which just released a few days ago, so thankfully you don’t have to wait.

I am so in love with this author, her work, her characters and her creativity.

I highly recommend this series … you will not want to miss this!!

Tiffany Landers PA

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