My Review of “The Last Valkyrie” by Jennifer Sage

Holy Hel (you’ll understand why I spelled Hel that way when you read this story)!!!!!! When I read an author and completely fall in love with him or her, I typically expect their next book to not surprise me – not shock me into speechlessness and leave me gasping, hungering, for more.  Jennifer Sage does it EVERY SINGLE TIME with EVERY SINGLE BOOK!! 

Wow!! The Last Valkyrie was unlike any story I’ve read before, a combination of style with The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Game of Thrones and a bunch of other incredible stories that make my heart sing. The Last Valkyrie is so very unique and captivating that one cannot simply just put this story down and move onto the next. I am in total admiration for Jennifer Sage and the manner in which she stuck to the truth regarding Norse Mythology. Wait, is that an Oxymoron? Study it for yourselves if you question anything like Ragnarok and the different Gods and Goddesses that Jennifer Sage writes with a flawless sense of creativity and intensity.

Kara, literally the last Valkyrie, is meant to save the world, but she doesn’t know how to be a Valkyrie, so she must be taught. Zane (#IStillLoveYouZane), a God himself, and Rune, a sexy, enticing Elf, are going to have you loving and hating them. I don’t do spoilers, so that’s about all you’ll get from me regarding this story, but Zane and Rune have to teach Kara how to be a real Valkyrie. Since she is the only remaining Valkyrie alive, imagine the struggle Kara faces with a God and an Elf teaching her how to save the world. Frustrated much? Yes … she is. But, Kara is a true rock star and a badass and I so wish I was her!!

Read. This. Story.

You will not be disappointed. Jennifer Sage creates, once again, a world that is full of character, joy, heartache, great sex scenes (she’s simply the best at this), and a tale riddled with intrigue, humor, anticipation, worry, lust, love, heartache – yes, The Last Valkyrie has it all!!!

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