My Review of Dante Part Two by Jennifer Sage (Final book in The Guardian Archives Series)

H.O.L.Y. S.M.O.K.E.S.!!!!!!!

Jennifer Sage has completely blown my mind, once again, in this final book of The Guardian Archives Series. The entire series must be read in order for one to understand the intricate world that Jennifer Sage has created. I only WISH I had a tenth of her imagination and creativity.

Dante Part Two is the conclusion to Dante Part One and Jennifer Sage wraps up this series with new twists, turns, THE BEST SEX SCENES, and the most amazing conclusion one could imagine! My first questions to Jennifer Sage were, “But, what about Raith or Illyiana, etc.??” She has literally created a new world with so many characters and you will want to know more of them as you fall in love with her characters.

And, the cover?? *Fans myself* Wow! Dante is HOT!! Yes, please!

Jennifer Sage captured my complete attention when I first read Keltor, Book One in The Guardian Archives Series, and I’ve been completely enthralled since. I’m one of her biggest fans and…

… I. Just. Love. The. Way. She. Writes.

Mind-blowing! Captivating! Intriguing! Suspenseful! Erotic! Romantic! Stunning!


I will read every single book Jennifer Sage writes and I won’t even need to see the cover or excerpt first. She’s just that good! Follow her on Facebook:


See all of her books and learn more about Jennifer Sage here:

Enjoy your dive into this pool of an entirely new world!!! You will not be disappointed!


Tiffany Landers

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