My Review of Keltor (The Guardian Archives Book 1) by Jennifer Sage

Wow! I am so completely blown away by this author’s imagination and creativity. Jennifer Sage creates a world that comes alive when reading her story. This story sat on my Kindle for a long time and I stumbled across it in search of a story to read. I wanted something intense and different. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this phenomenal story about Keltor and Liz (Lizbet). Their delicious story travels through time and space and nothing can keep them apart. Jennifer Sage writes the very best intimate scenes I’ve ever read. Period. If you’re looking for intensity, a world that is beyond your wildest dreams, a love that was always meant to be and the most intense sex scenes … look no further!! Jennifer Sage does not disappoint!!

Jennifer Sage’s Guardian Archives series is one I will definitely read over and over again.

I raise my glass of Vino and salute Jennifer Sage on a perfect book!!! Cheers!



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