My Review of the War of Gods series by Author Lizzy Ford

Lizzy does it again in this fast-paced, action-packed paranormal romance and guess what? It’s an entire series of this intertwined with romance, mystery, suspense, cliffhangers, and so much more fun!! When reading series, I sometimes get a little bored because they can often be so much alike, but Lizzy spins a delightful tale in each of these four books in the box set, Damian’s Oracle, Damian’s Assassin, Damian’s Immortal, and The Grey God. Each book has its very own plot while including a sweet blend of the characters from the other books in the series.

This is paranormal, romance and action at its finest. I don’t write spoilers, but Lizzy’s characters are always so full of life. I leave the last page of each of her books feeling as though I just lived what the characters did…but, isn’t that what a good writer does? Yes. For me, this is important. I want to smell, taste, feel, hear, and see everything an author’s characters do and Lizzy’s writing always does that for me.

I highly recommend this series and all other Lizzy Ford books.

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Tiffany Reid


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