My Review of Omega by Author Lizzy Ford

Wow! This book is a perfect mix of fantasy and reality!!! I was taken on an adventure from page one and fell deeply in love with the characters Lizzy Ford created in this enchanting story of intrigue, love of many varieties, and a lot of action. The author’s writing is impeccable, which is always music to my soul, and the levels of creativity she uses to write have me sitting in awe. Omega is definitely going to stick as one of my top five reads of 2015. I am so happy that I first purchased the four novellas that Lizzy wrote prior to this one, Mismatch, Allesandra, Phoibe, and Lantos because I understood these characters better in Omega, although these books are not required to read in order to clearly understand Omega.

I’m thoroughly in love with Mismatch, but I can’t tell you too much because I don’t do spoilers. I will tell you that since I began reading Lizzy Ford’s fascinating stories, I can’t get enough. I was fortunate enough to receive Omega as an ARC and I could not put it down. I was left reeling from a severe book hangover and I am still thinking of the characters and what happens next, although it’s been a week since I finished Omega. This is a story for everyone and I hope you take a chance on this one – you will NOT be disappointed. If you enjoy being sucked into a book, being pulled into a story as though you’re living and breathing it, Omega is for you.

Check out the author’s page here:

I highly recommend this book!!

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Tiffany Reid


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