My Review of Chasing The Dragon by Author T.K. Leigh – Proofreading ARC

Stunning! Captivating! Emotional! Humorous! Sexy! I could not put down this fast-paced story of love, suspense, foul play, romance, and sexiness and I was crying when I reached the final page because I just did not want this story to end! It seemed as though I waited forever for Chasing The Dragon to finally be in my hands and I can’t help but liken the wait to the intense foreplay experienced by the main characters in this story: Tyler and Mackenzie!  *Swoon*

T.K. Leigh’s writing only gets better and better … like a fine wine or an aged whiskey. As a proofreader with serious O.C.D. issues, I am always prepared to feel those many “cringes” I typically find as I am perusing a story – you know the ones that cause you to stop reading where you are to go back and fix the error in your mind? Yeah. T.K.’s writing is decadence to my soul because those “cringes” simply are not there. It’s beautiful, clean, precise, and flawless. Her characters are strong, passionate, and full of personality.

Chasing The Dragon took me on a roller coaster ride of all of my emotions. I found myself laughing out loud at times, wiping a tear at others, but overall I just could’t get the pages to turn fast enough. When the words on my Kindle become a movie playing before my eyes, I know the author has done a fantastic job and T.K. Leigh only continues to set the bar higher and higher. She leaves me with a book hangover with every read and Chasing The Dragon was simply bookgasmic to me! After reading her stories, I have the hardest time finding another book to satisfy me the way she does. Cliffhanger? Yep! Do I love that? Yep!

Bravo, T.K. Leigh!!! Bravo! I wish I could give you ten stars for this one! A MUST READ STORY!!!

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