My Review of World of Azglen by Author P. Mattern

If I could give this author ten stars I would do it for her writing style alone!!!!  This author can WRITE and she writes incredibly well!!  Because I read this incredible paranormal story, I am now one of P. Mattern’s biggest fans!  Incredible writing! Creative, funny, serious … you’ll find it all in this written journey of love, the paranormal, humor, sexiness and oh so steamy!!

While I was still reading chapter one – just chapter one – I had to share with the author how much I LOVED her writing!!  This is well worth the read and for those of us who love the musical lilt of words, P. Mattern sets an extremely high bar for her other books.  Aside from that, her creative storytelling ability is not without its own praise.  This story was FUN, emotional, loving, and mysterious.  I highly, highly, highly recommend you read a book that will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a breeze of peace as her words flow so smoothly.

The only recommendation I have is for a little more proofreading for commas, quotation marks, etc, but, the rest is so well done that the grammatical errors are just a tiny dot on an otherwise perfect story.

**Applause to this one!**

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