My Review of Moonstone Dreams by S C Miotto

Moonstone Dreams is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by Author S.C. Miotto. I must admit that I am fascinated. Moonstone Dreams is a captivating story. I love the way that S.C. Miotto was able to so completely describe events in the story in such a way that I literally sent her an email, empathizing with her life story, only to discover that it was not her actual story. I am impressed! I could not imagine that a writer could actually write about such things unless she (or he) had actually lived and experienced the many events and emotions that Victoria does in this book. I was wrong! S.C. Miotto does a fantastic job of writing in a realistic and creative manner.

Moonstone Dreams took me on a journey of love, laughter-pain and lots of tears. This is not a story that is lighthearted, nor easy. You will cry. You will hurt. You will also laugh and long for her next incredible story that follows this one, Diamond Love.

Kudos to S.C. Miotto for an outstanding job of writing Moonstone Dreams. I highly recommend this book to all who are looking for something more .. something out of the “norm” (which is what I prefer). A definite 5 star read!!!


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