My Review of Diamond Love by S.C. Miotto

Wow! SC Miotto does it again in this gripping story of love, laughter, heartache and pain. Victoria and Collin are back – so desperately in love and longing to be together forever. I don’t like to give away spoilers, but I will tell you that I love this story! From the first story in this series, Moonstone Dreams, to this second one, Diamond Love, I have been on a roller coaster ride. I have truly wondered just how much one person can take before she gives up, in this case, the lovely Victoria Carlisle.

**Note to SC Miotto: I can’t BELIEVE you left me hanging like that at the end of this story!!! Where is book three??**

Engaging! Funny! Intense! Heartbreaking! Sexy!

This is a must read and one of those stories that you will IMMEDIATELY 1-click to the next book in the series! Great writing! Extremely creative and passionate! Five stars from me, for sure!


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