Heart of Marley by T.K. Leigh – ARC Review ****UPDATED REVIEW****

This is my second review of Heart of Marley.  I just can’t let it go.  After passing this incredible story along to my seventeen year old daughter to read, I am completely amazed by the changes in her because of this book.  Not only did this story change her, inside and out, but she is still passing this book around her high school to all of her friends who are all vying for their turn to read it.  The impact T.K. Leigh has made on a community of teenagers is bigger than I think even she may realize.  In my opinion, Heart of Marley should be a REQUIRED READ for all teenagers and even their parents.  I don’t think this book was written specifically for teens, in fact, it is recommended for those 18 and over, but I believe all teenagers should read this; most especially if such teens are struggling through any type of depression or suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors.  Can I give this book a ten star rating??  It is more than well deserved!  Please, please share this story … you won’t be sorry.  This is the only book I’ve ever gone back to review a second time because I just feel so very strongly about the impact this can and will make on anyone who reads it.  Oh!  Don’t forget the tissues.

Tiffany from Have You Heard Book Blog


Wow!  After reading TK’s stand alone novel, Heart of Light, I really did not think it could get any deeper … any more intense … more real.  But, TK does it again in this realistic, heart wrenching novel about Cam and Marley – twins who have been inseparable since birth.  This story begins when Cam and Marley are young and plays out the tragic events of their lives, which leads the reader to become intoxicated by the domino effect that is portrayed, and is all too realistic, throughout the story.  TK Leigh delivers with impact, humor, truth, and sorrow – all the while, leaving the reader gasping for breath and hungry for the next chapter.

Marley is abused in horrific ways and her twin, Cam, is always there to save the day for her.  Cam is really unable to move on with his own life because of his very protective and loyal nature to Marley.  Marley is fun, torn, and pushed into being a social performer by her aunt, who wants desperately to fit in with the community; therefore, Marley learns very early on in life to mask the real Marley behind fake smiles and a happy facade.

As young adults, Cam and Marley begin dating others who are very good for them.  Ahhh … but.

Can Marley cope with her first relationship after years of torment and suffering?  Will Cam be able to move on with his life and leave Marley to begin college?  Let me promise you this:  you are going to need tissues for this story as it is full of tragedies that occur in so many young lives of today.  You may even have to read this one a little slowly just to let everything sink in as you read … because, your heart will break for Cam and Marley.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will get angry.  And, you will ask, “Why??”.  Most of all, you will be begging TK Leigh to hurry and write her next story!

Heart of Marley is a story you will never forget.

Get your heart ready for this one, people!!!

Heart of Marley – a stand alone novel – by Author T.K. Leigh

Tiffany Reid



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