Review for Heart of Light by Author T.K. Leigh


This was my first ever book review.  I was so inspired by TK Leigh’s writing and the impact of the story that I began blogging.

Please see my Amazon review of this outstanding stand alone novel by Author T.K. Leigh:

I rarely submit book reviews. There are many good books out there that truly deserve it, but Heart of Light has stunned me to the point that I must leave a review!
TK Leigh has completely and thoroughly delivered intensity, suspense, truth, romance and compassion in this highly captivating story about *sigh* Cam and Jolene.
From the moment I read the first sentence, I was enthralled. The story is so full of sadness, hope, joy and pain, leaving the reader with a heavy heart and a happy heart all at once. Seriously. If you haven’t read this heart wrenching story, my advice to you is to grab a glass (or bottle) of wine, se chocolate and a box (or two) of tissues, for you will most certainly need it as this dramatic story unfolds before you. I even dreamed about it for a few days after reading and I hated that it was over. I wanted it to go on forever!
This story, as well as the incredible details the author uses in her writing style, deserves way more than a mere five star rating.
Great job, TK Leigh!

This story will leave you begging for more.  Do you know how you feel after you’ve had a good, long cry?  You know?  The “can’t catch my breath” kind of cry?  Well, that’s exactly how I felt after reading Heart of Light.  I felt drained, free, happy, relieved, sad, mad and so much more.  T.K. Leigh managed to touch on every single emotion I have with this one stand alone novel about love, pain, fear, shame and the very real epidemic of human trafficking right here on my very own doorstep (and yours, too) … this story is also about freedom and joy.

If you never read another book … if you had to choose between just one more book … this is definitely the one I would recommend.

Heart of Light deserves so many more stars than a mere five.

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tied hol-teaser-2 free2 fearA stand alone novel.

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